jhugOctober 2013
Kampala, Uganda

Press conference


6 September 2013mad
Mád, Hungary

Photo exhibition of Cultural Diversity




July-August 2013digi
Digital Photo Magazine: Visiting with camera

Reportage about Attila Lorant's work



25 July 2013jrdfáélkjhgf
New York, USA

Photo exhibition, The story of the creative









13 June 2013sofiii
Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo exhibition of 3x3 52 486 in the framework of the Month of Photography



fold28 May 2013
Érd, Hungary

Congo photo exhibition at Hungarian Geographical Museum



May 201333
The new iPad application - 3x3 52 486 -is released

Visit app



April 2013ng
National Geographic Hungary

Interview with Attila Lorant




April 2013ezesrf
Elle: The obsessive ones

Article about Attila Lorant

brody15 March 2013
Brody House Studios, Budapest

Opening of the 'Passion for mission' photo exhibition and book launch of 3x3 52 486

anzixFebruary 2013
National Geographic Hungary : Anzix - Vaorani indians

Article about the life of Vaorani indians in South America. Written and phorographed by Attila Lorant

radio30. January 2013
Interview with Attila Lorant in Klubradio


ozone28 January 2013
Interview with Attila Lorant in Ozone Networks show called Equator

The almost one hour long talk can be viewedhere .

radio18. January 2013
Interview with Attila Lorant in Klubradio

He was asked to talk about his latest project called 3x3 52 486 and the book based on it.

radio05. January 2013
Interview in Klubradio

Talking with Attila Lorant about his previous works.

interjú04. December 2012.
Interview with Attila Lorant in the Start Plus morning show on ATV

You can view the video of the interview here:


drNovember 2012
Digital Photograhy Review

Online article about the 3x3 52 486 project


riga20. November 2012 .
Riga, Latvia

Photo exhibition

3x3October 2012
Attila Lorant's new book: 3x3 52 486 has come out

Soon available in Hungarian bookstores

álomfotóJuly 2012
National Geographic Hungary : Dream photography

The National Geographic Hungary's new article about Attila Lóránt , who fulfilled a foster child's dream: getting a look into the work of a nature photographer.

pipacska08 May 2012
We have begun working on our new project: The Hungarian National Parks

You can find further information, how this project differs from previous works on this theme, and other details under the menu Projects, at Hungarian national parks

application04 May 2012
New iPad gallery application released in English

Attila Lóránt's 3 app books: Images of Afrika, Images of the Andes and The indians of Amazonas are now available in English on Apple App Store

Elle Magazine - The tears of Pachamama

Written and photographed by: Attila Lóránt

képírásMarch 2012
Photography of Attila Lóránt in Janos Eifert's book: Picture-writing photo academy

app storeFebruary 2012
The new iPad gallery application came out in the Apple App Store

3 books: Images of Africa, the Andes, and Amazonas. 150 pictures / book

Reggeli15 January 2012
Interview on RTL Klub

As the guest of Reggeli show, Attila Lóránt speaks about his expedition in Congo.

Portré31 December 2011
National Geographic Online - Portrait

Portrait article about Attila Lóránt

72December 2011
Geszti Péter: 72

Attila Lóránt's photos illustrate Peter Geszti's new video clip : 72

Kulturális sokszínűségDecember 2011
Cultural diversity

Photo exhibition

Elle man17 December 2011
Elle Man Magazine - The art of survival

Article about Attila Lóránt

BoszorkánybizniszDecember 2011
Elle Magazine - Whitches do exist!

Written and photographed by: Attila Lóránt

MarcelovaJune 2011
Photo exhibition from the selection of Attila Lóránt's works

Marcelova, Slovakia

Centerpoint16 May 2011
Centerpoint now, the annual cultural magazine of the UN is published, presenting an article about Attila Lóránt's works.

TelkiMay 2011
Amazonas photo exhibition

Telki Festival, Telki

KongresszusiMay 2011
Congo Exhibition

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, Congress Centre, Budapest, Hungary

New York18 January 2011

Photo exhibition in Gabarron Carriage House Art Centre in New York. During the exhibition Attila Lóránt's photos are displayed on screens in Time Square.




New York, USATime Square

Debrecen24 January - 27 February 2011
Congo photo exhibition

Debrecen, Hungary

KönyvmegjelenésDecember 2010
The new book is published!
Attila Lóránt : Congo - In the wake of Emil Torday

KinshasaOctober 2010
Photo exhibition in the Parliament of Kinshasa


DíjátadóNovember 2010

As a member of the jury Attila Lóránt handed over the prize in Animal Behaviour category on the Nature Photographer of the Year Award at theHungarian Natural History Museum

MillenárisOctober 2010
International meeting of photography, photo exhibition

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

MillenárisOctober 2010
Photo exhibition of a selection of Attila Lóránt's works

Millenáris Park, Budapest, Hungary

PrágaOctober 2010
Photo exhibition

Prague, Czech Republic

Várna02 July 2010
Photo exhibition: Cultural Diversity Religious Tolerance

Varna, Bulgaria

VarázslókJune 2010
National Geographic: Healing evil magic - In wizards' land in Congo

Photographed by Attila Lóránt

SofiaMay 2010
Photo exhibition: Cultural Diversity Religious Tolerance

Sofia, Bulgaria

Pécs29 May 2010
Photo exhibition: Congo

Nádor Gallery, Pécs, Hungary

Torday5 February 2010
Exhibition: Congo - in the wake of Emil Torday

Ethnographic Museum

AlmásyDecember 2009
National Geographic Hungary:
László Almásy

photographed by Attila Lóránt

Túlélő13 November 2009
Népszabadság Online: The survivor
Article about Attila Lóránt

Stilllll......... Congotord
And new Attila Lorant exhibitions again and again without the exhibitor:



2009. 06szepkonyv
Prize at the Beautiful Book 2008

The prize for: Window to the sky 2008













2009. 03. 06 - 06.05narva
Photo exhibition by Attila Lorant:
East Africa

Citymuseum of Narva / Estonia




2009. 02. 20.- 03. 06.AAjjkk
Photoexhibition. Lóránt Attila:
Indians in the rainforest.

Ajka: Regional Culture Center / Hungary


2009. 02. 06 - 02.25az
Photo exhibition by Attila Lorant:
East Africa

Gallery Zebra: Finnland


2009. 01. 02 - 01.30galap
Photo exhibition by Attila Lorant:

Cave Hall - Zoo Budapest / Hungary




12. 12. 2008. One World Partytilos
projected exhibition at the Merlin

Produced by: World Party and Merlin.
Budapest - Hungary. Gerloczy str. 4.



5. Dec. 2008. New Book!!ffhgf
Lóránt Attila, Kálloy Molnár Péter:
Window to the sky

( The Explorer Books, 2008. December.)156 pages 23X22 cm.,
Hardcover with dustcover. (Photobook with poems)





2008. Nov. 05.- Dec. 05.
Photoexhibition: Attila Lorant: Enamat kui Safari...
Tallini Magyar Intézet / Estonia. 
Pictures from East Africa


2008. NovemberlucieB
Lucie Awards Book did release

USA (Included Attila Lorant's award winner pictures)





2008. Okt. 02- Nov.03brazil2008
Photoexhibition by Attila Lorant:
Indians in Brazil.
Produced by: Brazilien Embasy Budapest.
Natural History Museum Budapest / Hungary




2008. Sept. 04- Okt.04galap7
Photo exhibition: Attila Lorant's pictures about Galapagos Islands
Produced by: National Geographic.
IMAX Budapest - Hungary





5 Honorable Mentions: Book Cover: Wapponi (2007 Kossuth), Children of the Amazon, Turkana wedding, Enawene Nawe, Rendeerherder



2008. Júly 17.
Summer University / Horány - Hungary
Lecture by Attila lóránt
Natural and environmental questions in the Amazon region.
(About Gold and diamondmining, deforestation, soyfields, roads
oilmining, and social and ethnical questions about natives.)


2008. Júly 11-14.
Photoexhibition and lecture by Attila Lorant. - Indian Cultures in South America
Hegyalja Festival. Tokaj - Hungary


2008. Júly 9.
Lecture about environmental problems of Amazon. South America
Geographical Museum - Hungary


2008. Jun. 27-zgrpt
Photo exhibition: Beyond the Horizon,
Indian cultures in the Andes and the Amazon.
Cultural Festival - Zalaszentgrót / Hungary





2008. May. 28-.joi
Photo exhibition: The people of the savannah.
Budapes, Zoo / Savannah Building:





2008. Április. 19.godor1
Photoexhibition: Attila Lorants, East-African pictures
One World Project / Tilos Rádió World Party
Budapest - Gödör




2008. Marc. 28.-Ot_pecs01
Photoexhibition and lecture: Attila Lorant: Indián Cultures in South America
The XVIII. congress of Hungarian Nature Protection organisations , Pécs:



2008. January. 09- Feb 22.tartu02a
Photoexhibition: Attila Lorant, Silmapiiri Taga
Estonia, Tartu, University Museum.











2007. Nov. 08- Dec 12thTallin
Photo exhibition: Attila Lorant, Silmapiiri Taga
Estonia, Tallin. The Palm house in the Botanical garden.





2007. 10. November
A one-day festival featuring the themes Culture and Nature!
Saturday 10th November at Universeum in Gothenburg, Sweden.
In the Universalen and the K Lab there will be exhilarating, inspirational films and seminars, one after the other.
11.30 La Carretera
Film by Sara Nordangård - Disappearing Cultures Foundation. Followed by a discussion with Enrique Barrera from the Museum of World Culture.


2007 November 6thlibrar
Lecture by Attila Lorant in the Estonian National Library.
Amazonas in black and white.
Environmental Problems in the Amazon.




2007. Octoberwaphirr
Wapponi by Attila Lóránt (Kossuth Kiadó 2007) is a photo album which includes selected pictures from Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania and Venezuela. It is written in three languages: English, Hungarian and Spanish. Prewords by The President of Hungary, Solyom Lazló.200 pages. 33,5 x 24cm, hardcover.

Wapponi is avialable in our webstore for 29 EUR



2007 Octoberngprize
Attila Lóránt received National Geographic´s LLE Award for his cover: The people of  rituals, in the September issue of National Geographic 2006. The cover was the finalist at the International issues category.





2007 Oct 3rdprotyp
Attila Lóránt´s Book: Indian cultures of the Amazon and the Andes, National Geographic Society 2006, won Bronze at the Pro Typo graphia contest in Hungary.










2007 Sept 11-Oct 20thfinnland
Photo exhibition: Beyond the Horizon, Indian cultures in the Andes and the Amazon.
Finland, Helsinki. Gallery U




2007 Septemberafold
Large-scale photographs represent the 6 continents at the new permanent exhibition at the Geographical museum in Hungary. Attila Lóránt is the photographer of the pictures which are chosen for Africa, America, Asia and Europe.









2007 Augustdij
Attila Lóránt is a 5 times winner in the IPA (International Photo Awards) USA.






2. place in people category. 3rd. place in Book category, and 3 times Honorable Mentions in People category.

2007 August 4th
Slideshow, lecture about environmental problems in the Amazon.
People Team Foundation / National Geographic Camp. Hungary, Kecskemet.

2007 May 31st
Award. Book of the Year 2006. Budapest, Hungary
(Indians along the Amazon and in the Andes)






2007 May 17th
Photo Exhibition: East-Africa
Hungarian Geographical Museum. Érd, Hungary

2007 April 20-21
Slideshow, lecture and photo exhibition about environmental problems in the Amazon.
The biologist and nature activist days at the Bárdos László gymnásium in Tatabánya, Hungary

2007 April 11th
Ethno-Photography conference. Budapest. Lecture

2007 April 10th
Closing ceremony of the photo exhibition: A Journey through South America, by Attila Lóránt. Organized by His Excellency Juan Salazar Sancisi, Ambassador of Ecuador and Gallery ´5´ New York Boscolo Luxury Hotel. Budapest, Hungary

2007 March 07th – April 10th
Photo exhibition: A journey through South America.
Gallery `5` At the New York Boscolo Luxury hotel, Budapest, Hungary

2007 February 25th – September 1st
Photo exhibition:Beyond the Horizon, Indian cultures in the Andes and the Amazon.
Etnografiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden

2006 December 18th
Closing ceremony of “Indian Cultures Beyond the Horizon”
Environmental Problems and Disappearing Cultures in South America.
Lectures, slide show and Film by Attila Lóránt and Sara Nordangard.

2006 December 16th  – 2007 February 18th
Länsmuseet Västernorrland and Disappearing Cultures Foundation present: Photography by Attila Lóránt,Indian Cultures Beyond the Horizon.
Opening ceremony December 16th , 13.00 Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Härnösand, Sweden

2006 November 10th
Lecture/Slideshow. Disappearing Cultures by Sara Nordangard.
The Road (Amazonas, Ecuador )
Attila Lóránts expeditions in Bolivia and Peru
Cultural seminar at Söråkers folketshus, Söråker, Sweden

2006 October 21-22
Lecture/Slideshow. Environmental problems in South America by Attila Lóránt. The Hungarian Orchid Society at the Museum of Agriculture, Budapest, Hungary

2006 October 10th
The meeting of two cultures.
Event by the Latin American community in Hungary. Kultúrház, Almássy tér 6. Budapest
Photo exhibition: Attila Lóránt and Disappearing Cultures Foundation.

2006 September 18th
Bank Center Szalóky Anna Galéria, V. kerület Arany János utca. Unpublished photography by Attila Lóránt and Disappearing Cultures Foundation, Opening ceremony 18.30 p.m.

2006 September 12th
Release of the book: Indiánok, az Amazonas mentén és az Andokban, Published by National Geographic.
National Geographic and Disappearing Cultures Foundation present: Photography by Attila Lóránt, Indian Cultures from the Amazon and the Andes
Opening ceremony 15.00 p.m. at The Museum of Natural History, Budapest

2006 September 8th – October 30th
Indian Cultures from the Amazon and the Andes at The Museum of Natural History, Budapest
Photography by Attila Lóránt. Indian Cultures from the Amazon and the Andes

2006 September
Publication in National Geographic Magazine, Magyarorsag, Enawene Nawe. Coverphoto + p. 38-57 A rítusok népe. Text and photo by: Attila Lóránt

2006 August 13th
Lecture/Slideshow. Environmental problems in South America by Attila Lóránt and Balázs Tömöri, Greenpeace at the Island festival, Budapest, Hungary

2006 August 3rd
Lecture/Slideshow. Environmental problems in South America by Attila Lóránt and Nemes Noémi with Greenpeace at the valley of Arts in Taliándörögd / Más Világ udvar / Óvodakert, Hungary