kongoCongo - In trail of Emil Torday

Altough Emil Torday is almost forgotten in Hungary, in the world he counts as an honoured resercher even today. He first got to Congo as an officer in the age of 25. Even his first trip proved to be decisive in the fate: with great interest and immense desire to knowledge he started to investigate on the unknown people of Congo. The first was followed by two other expeditions between 1900 and 1909. Torday toured the whole country, he learned seven Congolese dialects, gained a collection of thousands of objects, and first described the culture of many ethnic groups. In the international science, particularly in the fields of anthropology and africanistics, his English, French and Hungarian publications are still essential, important and valuable professional works. Despite this, the public knows little about this scientist, who was so far before his age with his new approach and methods.

In 2009, on the 100th anniversary of Emil Torday's last expedition a Hungarian team started off to Congo. During its two months of adverturing, the expedition reached to the scenes of Torday's main scientific and collection works. The book made from this expedition follows the road of the members of the Torday-Congo Expedition. Exciting moments, heartwarming experiences accompanied the unfolding of Congo's world, which is extraordinary with its contradictions.

bndfgn The professional members of the expedition: Ildikó Szilasi anthropologist and organizer; Attila Lóránt photographer, Dávid Reisinger cameraman, Charles Ngwabwanyi Kunda anthropologist.