Hungarian National Parks


The latest project of the Disappearing Cultures Foundation is making a comprehensive presentation of previously unknown depths of Hungary's national parks, the places that keep so many treasures and traditions. Our aim is to bring them closer, show their human side and shade them with many little specialties, because all of these parks hide different beauties and secrets that are ready for us to discover.

There has already been a lots of books and exhibitions in this theme, but none of them gives a real overall and global picture. We think there's a big need for a work, that shows the animals and people living in these areas as equally important factors in the life of these reservations. Let's think about it! Does not belong the felt hat maker - who makes those typical hats for wranglers - to the Hortobágyi National Park? Or how important those everyday people are who put every winter fodder for roes and deers to the feeder in Duna-Dráva National Park? We think, that these people and their job and mission takes an integral part of our national parks.

térképThe 10 national parks:

  1. Hortobágyi National Park
  2. Kiskunsági National Park
  3. Bükki National Park
  4. Aggteleki National Park
  5. Fertő-Hanság National Park
  6. Duna-Dráva National Park
  7. Duna-Ipoly National Park
  8. Balaton-felvidéki National Park
  9. Körös-Maros National Park
  10. Őrségi National Park

We would like to make a book, several exhibitions, application and presentation from this project. The audiance will be shown through these interfaces the flora and fauna, the scene and their habitants.

The book
The book will contain 14 chapters, in which photos and information about the flora and fauna, the people and environment will follow each other, holding an emotional and visual rythm, but unpredictably. We will share a lot of curiosities and anecdotes, which will give a new, complete and fresh approach to nature lovers and to those who are simply intrested. The book is supposed to motivate people to get to know our natural values better.

The exhibition
The exhibition will contain a representative selection from 50-60 pieces of photos from the book, with information added to them. This exhibiton may be presented all over the country for years, and may be available for other cultural missions abroad as well.

According to the requirements of our age, it is necessary for us to make digital adaptations as well, thus giving the values of the project to the youth, the future generation. In this application that can be run on tablets and smart phones, there will be an extracion from the book with photos, maps, multimedia solutions, sounds...

Simultaneously with the exhibitions the experts taking part in the project will give lectures with the help of the project's visual material.

The project is supported by Dr. László Sólyom President of the Republic (2005-2010). Accoring to the plans the project will be finished by autumn 2015.