hfhMay 2013
The new iPad application - 3x3 52 486 - is released

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04 May 2012app store
English version of Images - the world in pictures iPad gallery application is released

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February 2012
The new Images - the world in pictures iPad gallery application is released in Apple App Store. The app contains: Peoples of the Amazonas, Andean impressions, African impressions.

The app is the first part of a collection that presents works of outstanding contemporary photographers, containing three series of photographies by Attila Lóránt, owner of many professional awards and founder of the Disappearing Cultures Foundation.
Through the digital gallery you can view the intact side of Africa, know the natural life of indians living in the Andes and catch a sight of the everydays and ceremonies of the people living along the river Amazonas.
The first three series contain approximatley 150 wonderful images, from which 15 can be downloaded free / series.
The application shows the spots where the pictures were taken in a world map.

Extra features:

- Picture descriptions
- Slideshow with music
- Favourites
- Map view
- Preview option
- Sharing option



ssdfThrough the app you can also learn more about the author and his mission.






sdfThe map shows the exact locations of the people and landscapes seen on the photos.


asfgThe music sepcifically written to this app helps these remote cultures to come alive.